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Raising the level of care for gynecological conditions

The Company

Sur180 Therapeutics is a Research and Development Startup in the therapeutics field focusing on new therapies for endometriosis.

The Team

We are a neuroscientist, a gastrointestinal physiologist and a molecular biologist, working together for more than a decade.

For patients

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  • Give new life to drugs that have not been explored for treating endometriosis and are not commercially available.
  • Think of endometriosis as a systemic disease.
  • Explore new pathophysiological pathways.


We can’t reach where we need to be by remaining where we are

Quote modified from Oprah Winfrey


Providing new therapeutic options for endometriosis, beyond the usual hormonal treatments. We believe in change by testing new treatments outside the norm.

About Us

We are a newly formed startup based in the South of Texas and the South of Puerto Rico.

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Learn about an NIH funded ongoing clinical trial for endometriosis using environmental enrichment

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