Improving Women’s Health With Patient-Centered Care in the Gynecological Healthcare System

Technological advances in the healthcare system have improved patient care by leaps and bounds. New medications, surgeries, and treatments have become available in the last 100 years, including contraceptive pills, epidurals, and breast cancer screenings.

But even with all these advancements in modern medicine, patient care still should be the number one priority. Patient-centered care is the answer to improving women’s health. Including a patient’s specific needs, feelings, and goals in their healthcare plan can increase their involvement in their healthcare. You can advocate for better women’s healthcare by staying educated on patient-centered care!

What Is Patient-Centered Care?

Patient-centered care is a specific type of care that keeps the focus on the patient’s needs, preferences, and circumstances. It allows the patient to get involved in their healthcare plan, and the provider can build a customized plan for the patient’s treatment based on those decisions. Patient involvement in their health plan is more likely to have improved health results, which is patient-centered care’s ultimate goal.

The Benefits of Patient-Centered Care

There are several benefits to patient-centered care for patients. Not only are patients’ physical concerns addressed, but they can also find medical care for their mental and emotional well-being, helping refine the patient’s experience and treatment:

  • Improved patient education and knowledge
  • Improved relationship between patient, provider, and healthcare team
  • Improved treatment compliance
  • Improved health outcome
  • Improved service experience

There are benefits to patient-centered care for medical providers as well. It can reduce expenses for additional tests and referrals, improve morale and productivity among staff, and promote the provider’s reputation.

How Can Patient-Centered Care Improve Women’s Health?

Women have struggled with their healthcare plans for virtually all of history. Gender biases, limited education, lack of accessibility, or cultural differences have caused inadequate healthcare. For many years, women’s healthcare has focused only on women’s sexual and reproductive health while undervaluing other types of wellbeing.

However, the focus in recent years has begun to shift onto a woman’s entire life and the struggles she may face even after her reproductive years. Patient-centered care helps eliminate womens’ struggle to get healthcare and ensures they will receive the care they need no matter their age. It also doesn’t allow a patient’s gender, education, or skin color to affect the level of care they receive.

Advocate for Improving Women’s Healthcare With Sur180 Therapeutics

As medical advancements continue to be made, the needs and decisions of the patients must come first. In fact, guidelines for endometriosis care, as the ones established by the European Society for Reproductive Health and Embryology (ESHRE) clearly state that therapeutic approach for endometriosis should be a shared decision based on woman’s preferences, tolerance for side effects and desire for contraception or fertility. To help end the biases women face in getting healthcare, including endometriosis care, providers must focus on the person, not just the problem.

At Sur180 Therapeutics, we are taking that step. We believe that putting the patient first will help all women, and receiving great gynecological healthcare improves womens’ lives. Let’s fight to bring the best quality of care to women worldwide by implementing patient-centered care in women’s healthcare.

Join Sur180 Therapeutics today as we search for ways to improve women’s needs for better healthcare.

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